Lair – our ethos is in the meaning: we want to help you create your own lair.


Illustrations by Domenica More Gordon

Xanthe Weir – founder Lair

Xanthe Weir moved to Edinburgh in Autumn 2013 after many years in London working for fashion brands, most recently Paul Smith.

Her interest and passion for mid 20th century furniture began about 10 years ago and she has been a collector since. Always interested in design and craftsmanship many of her favourite pieces are almost sculptural where the relationship between fashion, and form fuses into one.

Xanthe’s eye is completely personal and it has to be able to work in her own home before she could buy it. The excitement of uncovering something that has been neglected and seeing it restored and revitalised to its full glory has been becoming an addiction, hence the launch of Lair…her house can’t take any more furniture.

About Lair

Lair is an antidote to everything that’s cheap and mass-produced and fake. We don’t sell replicas. Our hallmark is authenticity. That’s because we respect not just the designers but the craftsmen who first created these beautiful pieces of furniture.

Lair is much more than just a shop – we will display our collections as a curated room to inspire customers seeking to visualize design solutions for their own home.

We do hope to encourage lingering and loitering – and, indeed, losing yourself in a timeless search for something extraordinary.